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slight shake or miss on my 2008 6.0 suburban ltz 4wd



I installed a new 6.0 motor with high volume oil pump on my 2008 6.0 LTZ suburban. It has only 500 miles on it at the moment as of 9-5-2019. I installed a new intake, new throttle body, (relearned) new radiator, new plugs, wires, injectors, fuel pump and new heavy duty motor mounts, I have this slight shake at idle and you can feel it in the performance of the truck when driving down the freeway as if something is holding it back, Its not throwing any codes, engine light is not coming on. Had a guy that all he does is reprogram cars and trucks with his computers and when he hooked his high dollar stuff to the truck, the rpm went to zero while it was running and said it was a cam position sensor but when he disconnected it it went back to normal. my regular mechanic hooked up his diagnostic computer (Zuess) right after and it had no codes and we cant find out what is up. Maybe the guys high dollar stuff was messed up.  Some guys are saying its the trucks computer but its not showing any codes, it runs fine but it should be absolutely purring like a kitty cat and there should not even be the slightest movement. The guy with the computers said that it has the fuel efficiency program on it that drops to 4 cylinders from 8 to save on fuel, he said the system was on and asked if I wanted it turned off for 250.00. I didn't do it. something is up and its driving me nuts. anybody have an idea at all? the #1 cylinder failed on the original motor and the traction control code came on and said it needed to be serviced. After the motor was replaced it did not come on again and there was no code for it as well. just for some history. Please help

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All engines will have some vibration at some point.  If you are not throwing any codes, it is time to ignore the slight vibration at idle, that very likely is not as bad as you think.  Chances are you are just focusing on something that is normal.  Does you truck have the variable displacement or whatever GM calls their flavour of dropping off cylinders on the highway?  Not sure I would have paid $250 for the guy to make a single change to disable it when he is already likely at the screen to do it.  Did he charge you for testing it?  If not, then he is a decent guy, but if he charged you to simply ask you for more money to tick off a box, I am not sure I would be able to find the spot where he parked his car.

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its a 1500 suburban ltz . Gm should have built these engines with a high volume oil pump. it was causing motors to fail and many people were misdiagnosing the oil sensor when it was the pump. the vibration is not normal. the new motor only has 500 miles on it and it does have the fuel displacement feature on the vehicle. the guy makes his living doing the computer thing but i wasnt gonna chance him messing it up and making things worse. 250 was ridiculous though and i would  never pay that amount, beside he was already doing work for my mechanic. ive looked at 3 other trucks older than mine and they had no hesitation at all. smooth under the hood. everything is new on mine and i still got an issue. its gotta be computer related

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      I am a long time GM customer and currently own a 2009 GMC Yukon Hybrid truck. It has been an ok experience but just recently the truck started to do some strange and unsafe things. It started out revving up without pressing the pedal or hesitant to accelerate after stops and then moved on to stalling in the middle of driving and would give me a warning of REDUCED ENGINE POWER, SERVICE STABILITRACK AND SERVICE TRACTION CONTROL but would only do it every blue moon.  Here recently I was leaving somewhere and the car begin to shake and shake and then stalled out after those codes popped up. I called the dealership and set it up for an appointment. They got me in and the day I was taking it to them it gives me the reduced engine power warning and I noticed the car went from a rough idle to an even rougher idle increasing more and more as I'm driving. Finally I hear 'CLUNK' and then all of a sudden its not just a rough idle, the engine is shaking VIOLENTLY. I turn the car off. Other times when the car would give me the warning of engine power being reduced, I could turn it off and wait a second and turn it back on and it would magically reset for a random time period before it did it again.  I was about 2 mins out from the dealership so I made my way there and as I'm pulling it the engine starts to do that crazy shaking thing...everyone literally stops and stares at me, probably trying to figure out if I'm about to blow up! They get it in and the tech is super alarmed by that shaking and said he had never seen or heard anything like it. They pull the codes and replace the throttle body position sensor under an extended coverage offered by GM. After they fixed it, I'm notified that one of my engine mounts broke and I now have to produce $1,000 to fix it!!! The engine mount is what broke during the engine freak out during the 20 minute drive to the dealership because I heard it! When I get my car back it now wont go into hybrid mode anymore and its idling super funny... up and down...up and down and I can now feel every shift the engine makes and the start up and turn off even rattles now and my engine ran so smooth before this you could balance a penny on the engine!  I'm so upset because GM says this is my out of pocket expense. However this only occurred because of their defective part! I'm taking it back in whenever the dealership calls me back(been waiting for hours) and they will see why the engine is idling unevenly and "recheck their work". I'm so sad and after talking to a GM rep who so rudely informed me that they did their part on fixing the throttle body and to just shovel out $1,000 that is not not their problem, it s actually a point of frustration. My husband and I have own 6 GM cars that were a pleasure to buy and drive but we will never buy another GM car again! 
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