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CD changer will not eject disks

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I have a 03 Yukon SLT with Bose system that developed a problem with the 6 CD changer. I inserted a disk and when finished listening hit eject. The changer thought about what to do for ½ minute and then displayed a message saying "INITIALIZING". From that point on the changer does not respond to any disk related buttons and I now have a full changer od CD's I cannot eject. Any ideas what happened here and most importantly what can I do? I have never had any issues with this Bose system till now.


Thanks in advance,


pro-v eddie

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Oh hey, didn't get notified you replied.


For mine, since I live in MN and climates change, a cd with one of those stick-on labels had bubbled and gotten stuck against the bottom of the cd above it. This also got it stuck in the slot.


For me taking the radio apart completely to get the discs out (they can't just lift out from the top or bottom, too many mechanical pieces) would be too much effort and probably never work again. There is also a door on the cd portion that closes and opens to allow for discs to go in and out.


Here is what I did.


I disassembled the dash and took the radio out. The top of the radio should just have a cover held on by a few screws. I took the top cover off of it and you should be able to see the discs in the unit and the somewhat trays they slide in. With the cover off, I took the radio out to my truck and plugged it back in but left it hanging out of the dash. Turning the key to accessory, I then pushed eject and helped the discs out with my hand when the door opened. I may have used a pen now that I think of it but find something you can use to help them out.


After the discs were out, I put the top cover back on and reset the radio with the fuse. It should cycle and start back up like normal when done.


Granted, my unit was still attempting to eject discs but were stuck in the tray. If the unit isn't ejecting at all, you may need to start the CDs coming out the door and give them a good pull to get them out.

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