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Adding Indicator mirrors 2010 Sierra SLE

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Hey guys, new to the site. Just picked up a 2010 sierra. Looking to install factory fog lights and looking at the indicator style mirrors.

The fog lights are no big deal. Since this truck and electrics are new to me. Had a 97 Silverado for years. What does it take for wiring / installing in the mirrors? This may have been covered somewhere in the forums but haven't spotted them yet.


Thanks Terry




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I also did a write up when I did the signal mirror conversion to my truck. It had all the wiring for the turn signals. I didn't do the full power fold option but you can look through it and see the steps I did to make the Autodim feature work on the drivers mirror as my truck didn't have the wiring to the door:


It's a pretty simple mod. The fog lights I believe are fairly simple if memory serves me right.

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