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2014 GMC sierra steering problems


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Well got her back from the dealer tonight after 3 days


Motor tick tack rattle- normal. "You should have heard them a few years ago"


Harsh thrashy "lost" gear transmission - normal - " I mean its still learing, I mean you must have pulled a heavy load and its re-learning, I mean that's normal."


Pulls to the left "drives great"


Pulls to the left, worse when cold, sometimes over the center line when you apply the brakes.

"drives great"


So 60 miles to home later Im going to take it to a for hire, independent shop and actually get it fixed.


They wouldn't even bleed the Fn right caliper, "oh they never have air in them"


Re-align truck, no problem, but wait, the locks are still on???


"cranking the T bars will effect your alignment, you should never crank up your T bars or you will have to get re-aligned."


THEY cranked the T bars to level the truck and then said no they never need to be re-aligned


Im OK, I can afford to pay to fix the brand new 1200mi truck out of pocket so it drives safely, and correctly.


But the next guy, maybe not, it might really hurt him money wise, I hope not.


As many have said the GM re-structuring has really hurt their quality.


+1 on that, this things a pile.




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My 09 2500 hd was the same... clickety clack engine.... normal... slipping trans.... normal.... or because of my oversize tires. Tires were 265/75/16's...... not the original 245's. Told them if its that different flash it to the spec of the trucks with 265/70/17s.... they ignored. Lol.


My laugh was shitbag engine ate a lifter at 60000 miles and the 4th or 5th dealer couldnt weasel out of it and put an engine in.... but charged 600 for transmission cooler lines that weren't covered.... Truck was not with me at that point thankfully lol. Read my response to your other post on how to fix that heap.


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No the hire shop cant do tranny or 2014 tech 2 stuff. But they can align and bleed calipers and inspect for lose or messed up hardware that would cause truck to drive / steer like crap. LMAO pointlessv

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I don't know for sure that there is air in the FR cal. It acts like there might be and its a fast, easy, cheap, thing to do so why not?


I was PO'd today when the first thing it did was start pulling this AM.


So, I went to work and used our sticker cutting machine to make a big tailgate sticker.


In 4" letters - THIS BRAND NEW GM TRUCK IS A P.O.S.-


I did several customer on sights today and had a lot of fun with it.


7:30 tonight on the run home it started to smell like melting electric again.


What fun !!!!

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Know a guy that decalled up his 09 Challenger because Chrysler couldn't fix it and it died on him while driving all the time which he blamed on a crash insurance refused to cover. Parked it across from the selling dealer with huge bright yellow letters on it. A dealer in another city basically gave him his money back and a another new car.... the selling dealer just threatened legal action on the grounds of slander.


I had an 09 Ram that was a gutless pos..... I sold it 10 months after I bought it.....


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