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Runs fine, Parked, 1 hour later, Starter will not engage.



2005 Silverado Extended Cab, 70k miles. Starts fine, runs for about 45 min to hour, parks, waits about an hour to go shoppine etc., when try to start the starter will not engage at ALL. All lights are on the dash, the headlights dim when the key is turned (assume that is normal to reduce battery drain - my motorcycle does the same), If i wait about 45 min to an hour and try it again the truck starts.

Highly intermittant. The last time it happened I had it towed to a repair shop. Once I got it off the tow truck it started. The shop played with it for a week and could not duplicate. Did all the normal things (swap relays etc.).

Now here is the kicker that may help. Last night I drove home and backed into the driveway to load some stuff. Shut off engine. Came back out after loading and would not start. Went into the house, said a few not so pleasant words and started searching the internet for some help. Went back out half hour later still not start. Searched some more. One guy said it might be the door unock system or something related. So when I went back out another half hour later cycled the remote door lock 5-6 times, opened and closed the door 2-3 times and it started. Drove the truck in the garage and there it sits.

One other thought. I seems to happen when the truck is backed up before shutting down. If I pull into a parking spot in drive it seems to start normally. In case you are wondering I have tried it in Park and Neutral and cycled the shift lever extensively. HELP. And the Battery is BRAND NEW (1/10/14) a warranty replacement for a 1/21/13 battery.

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Sounds to me the starter is going bad as the truck is cold and so is the starter and once the truck get hot the starter is shorting out till it cools off. The lights should not dim down when you are trying to start the truck even though it wont, are you sure you have the right battery cca in there?


But before you go into the starter check the ground from the battery where it connects to the frame or engine block.

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Have you checked the fuel pressure regulator? Had this go bad on my 2000 would start fine after sitting for hours but if I turned it off and tried to start 30-45 min after shutting down nothing.




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If I understand the OP correctly, the engine is not cranking over when hot. FPR would not cause that, but would cause the truck to crank over, but not fire or start up.

Put a volt meter on the battery when it won't crank over. What is battery voltage at when key is in start position? Also try checking the actual battery cables and see if they are getting hot when the truck will not crank over. As already posted, check BOTH ends of the battery cables, pay attention to the connector as well, look around the shot where the wire goes into the connector on the cable. Should not have any corrosion around the cable or the connection to motor/ground/starter.


The reason it only does it when backed into the driveway is murphy's law. When the truck is pulled into the parking spot, there is a hydro outlet right there to plug a charger into, when backed in, you need to get an extension cable, and leave the charger right by the sidewalk for someone to just walk off with it. BTW, this is a variation of the rule that says any tool dropped from the topside of the engine will find either a drain pan full of hot coolant, hot oil, or will locate and drop into the only sewer grate on the street.

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I did not try banging on the starter as it has been snowing and very cold and wet on the ground. When it is in the garage it works so banging on the starter seems wierd. When and IF it ever warms up a little I will try and take the starter off for a bench check. Thanks for the idea. I am still leaning to a passlock system scenario. Just not sure how the system works. I will have to sort it out. What do you think?

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