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I have a 2014 Silverado that I installed HID kits in the highs lows and fogs. Also got the capacitors that I was told I needed. They worked great when first installed (3weeks ago) For the last three weeks the lows would come on all the time. I assumed this was the day time running lamp feature. also when I unlocked the truck the low beams would come on the provide lighting. well I got in my truck the other night fired it up and no low beams. tried the fogs and they work, also tried the highs and they work. any suggestions are greatly appreciated and please let me know if you need further details. I found the fuse for the head lamps (3 prong fuse 58) but didn't find one for DRL or low beam.


Also my marker lights are coming on during the day time and when I unlock the truck just no low beams.


I have started to trouble shoot it and switched ballast and they all work. after messing with them my low beams started to work at night and when manually turned on but still no Daytime feature.


My 2 questions are


Should the low beams burn at all times?


If not then why have they for the past 3 weeks?



Thanks for any help..

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The hid's came from ddm tuning but the capacitors came from amazon, once they stay on for a while they finally come on. Does this sound like an issue with the capacitor (code eliminator)?

try Different Capacitors. Low Beams Come On Automatically For Drl. U Can Manually Turn Them Off On Ur Headlight Know. If They Don't Turn Off You HaVe A Wiring Issue. There Is A Thread On Here For Hiss. Please Search It To See If You Can Get Answers Off Of That. Personally I Never Had Problems WithHISs. Hopefully Someone That Encounter This Before Can Chime in.

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Changed capacitors still haveing and issue. Low beams never work now. Don't even have power on the plug. Only fuse I can find is 58 and it is not blown. It is labeled as headlamp. Only has power in it when high beams are turned on. ANYBODY KNOW WHERE THE LOW/DRL fuse is????

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So the 2014's use the low beam lights as DRL's? The sucks! In most vehicles if the DRL's are the low beams, then the DRL light is at a lower wattage. Then when you actual lows come on at night, it is at a higher wattage. If this is really the case then there are going to be lots of issues in the future with people who bought HID's. HID ballasts do not like the lower wattage and will burn out a lot quicker.


Now that is not your issues. According to what I have read you also need a Wiring Harness, and I did not see anything in your post about a wiring harness.



Did you read this link? there is lots of good info on there.



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