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Check Engine - EVAP and Random misfire.

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So my check engine light has been on for a while and I finally decided to make it go away. Autozone gave me to codes, one for random misfire and one for an EVAP purge. I replaced the plugs and cables and hoped to get rid of the random misfire problem... but no dice. I also cleaned out the filter attached to the outside of my fuel tank (pictured below) and still no dice. Codes kept coming up. So I had an idea yesterday and decided to swap the filter out with the one on my brothers truck.. same part. This is what happened when I hooked the battery back up. The check engine light stayed off for about 6 miles. Then it came back on but was really dim for some odd reason (I hope someone can explain that). Then later after I turned her off and on again the light came on.. fully lit. Went back to Autozone and got the same two codes. This tells me that it's very likely that the random misfire problem is being caused by the EVAP problem. My question now is... what do I do next? I plan on swapping out my gas cap with my brothers to see if that works when I get home today. But what else is there? And why did the CEL turn off and then on again? I've heard there is an EVAP part under the hood but I have no idea where. My truck is a V6 by the way. The box that the filter is attached to my tank connects to via hose... what's it called? What does it do? And can I take it out, open it and clean it?


I'm aware this is a common problem and there are many forums on this topic. But I think my situation is a bit different. I also do not plan on buying the replacement part that the dealership provides. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.



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One code was P0300 and the other I can't remember but I'm sure it's the one mentioned in the link you provided. Thank you for this link! I'll be devouring that gas cap when I get home.

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I really appreciate the help guys. But I'm still having trouble figuring out which part is which. I'm getting different information from different places. The picture I posted at 10:28 is one of a V8 I found online.

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I replaced the valve solenoid that's attached to the canister in my first two pictures. I found one at a junk yard, cut the hose down, stuck it in my pocket and took it home. I cut down the one that was already on my truck to the same size. I attached the peices with about 4" of heater hose and some hose clamps. The check engine light stayed on for about a mile, turned off for about the next 6 miles and then shut off permanently.

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