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2015 1500 engine chatter

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Hello im new to this sight, and would really like as much input on this as possible. Just got my 1500 5.3 2015 1 month ago have about 2000 on it.When I got it noticed the chatter said somthing to the sales man about it, he said they all do that. Well to verify that I took it back to have my linex installed and they gave me a brandnew v6 rental with 200 miles on it and it did the same thing.Is this normal for the 2015 it doesnt sound like a lifter.I was told it was some sort of electronic spark firing somthing or another cant remember exactly what he said.Is this normal?

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as others have said, it's is a sound typical from Direct Injection motors. Sounds like a sowing machine.

That is a great description. Im not that knowledgeable on chevy this is my first one I have always owned ×××× that I know all about. But what turned me was a 2500 that we have for a shop truck at work that everyone has beet the crap out of. It has about 300k on it and still has plenty of ass, oh and has had no engine work done. I am very happy with my 1500 so far. Will probably come to love alot more when im finished with it .Already have 2.5 level lift, linex, peragon bed cover, and diablo trinity. But anyway one more question has there been any issues with the lifters on the 2015 as of yet?

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