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Any recommend performance diesel shops in so cal?

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And one thing that gets overlooked in doing a diesel is a turbo blanket. Yep, putting a heat blanket on the turbo. It will improve exhaust flow, lower EGT's by 100-200F on hard pulls, and make the intake side of the turbo run 20-30F cooler which improves air density to the intake considerably. I run blankets on all of my turbos. Don't have a Dmax, but everything else I have owned for over a decade got a blanket. Current engine I have one on, a Detroit 60 500 hp 1650 lb torque, has had a blanket on the turbo since day one. 400,000 miles on it now and nary a problem. Engine compartment stays cooler also.


Check out the videos on temp testing here....



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Lots of others besides Banks...If you're going crazy with power, your first stop should be Inglewood Transmission. Duramax experts in my book.

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