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Considering a Diesel

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So my wife and I are in the market in the next 2 years for a new truck. We do alot of running around ( trip to town is 15 miles each way ) we haul our own pellets for our stove. We have 2 kids, 2 dogs and we go camping ALOT during the summer. We may consider getting a couple of snowmobiles and possibly a camper ( not a 5th wheel ) when we do go camping our trip is 100 miles each way about 10 miles of that is off road. We are planning some long trips from maine to DC in the next few years. We already know we want a crew cab.


What I am asking is does it make sense to go with a 2500HD with a Diesel engine? Added maintenance costs and such. The heaviest thing I will haul is 1 Ton of pellets ( 2 if i can fit them in the bed ) a few times a year, occasionally a snowmobile trailer and bed full of gear. We also own a home so we are constantly making runs to Home Depot and Lowes for supplies ( blocks, dirt and such ). This would also allow us to haul my late father in laws Kubota which right now nobody else seems to have a truck that CAN haul it ( though everone with a 1500 has been hauling it, tractor and trailer are around 11,000 lbs ) The added height ( minimal I know ) is enough to make me feel better about going off road without dragging the rear end and such through mud and rocks.Thoughts? Thanks!

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