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2007 GMC Yukon XL Cruise Control Issues



If anyone can point me in the right direction I would surely appreciate it. Heading out on a long road trip in a week and would like to resolve this issue before.

I bought a 2007 Yukon XL a little over a year ago with 69k miles. Shortly after buying vehicle I notice problems off and on with cruise control. The issues were 1) cruise control would suddently stop working while in use 2) Cruise wouldnt work at all.

Each of these problems were easily resolved by pulling over and turning off and back on the engine which im assuming reboot computer.

Sense vehicle was under extended warrenty, I sent it in to have them look at it because it was an on going problem. They changed out brake switch at pedal. What ever they did It seemed to help a little but symptoms slowly came back soon after repair.

For a year I dealt with it however a week ago it has become much worse.

While driving and using the cruise control it suddenly just stopped working and it wouldnt resolve its self by restarting vehicle.This went on for 2 days. Finaly It turned on but wouldnt last long, maybe 10 seconds before it would suddenly stop working again. Each time I tried it would work for shorter durations until finaly it wouldnt work at all.

So I changed out Brake light switch at pedal but it didnt change anything.

My current condition:

When first starting up car I can get cruise control to work for about 15 seconds.

Each time I try it works for shorter periods of time until finaly after about 5 attempts its stops working all together.

After about a minute of trying it may work but doesnt last long. Bumps in road doesnt seem to effect it. Wiggling/lifting up pedal doesnt seem to make a difference.

Im at a loss and dont want to pay dealer a load of cash just to have them tell me that the brake switch is faulty when I know at this point the "switch" its self doesnt appear to be the problem.


If anyone has experienced this or if anyone of you can help me, I would much appreciate it.




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Today I had both the battery and alternator tested and hooked up an OBD2 to see if there was any codes being thrown out. They all seemed to check out.


Cruise didnt seem to work at all today except for after I pulled over and disconnected and re-connected harness to brake pedal switch it work for a second but hasnt worked sense.


Question: is there a way to adjust the sensitivity of the Brake light switch? Just wondering if the push rod is slightly touching sensor. I know in other or older models there is slight adjustments you can make but it doesnt seem to be the case here.



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