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2000 silverado 5.3 hard starting



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19 Aug 15,

2000 Chevy Silverado Ext. Cab1500, 5.3ltr, automatic trans, 2 wheel drive, with 85000 miles on it.


I have a similar problem. A few years ago I replaced the fuel pressure regulator on the fuel injector rail and the problem went away. It started up again a couple weeks ago and the symptoms were exactly the same as last time. I live in Arizona and I don't drive this vehicle very much,- I'm retired - and it's possible that the diaphram in the regulator dried out and was causing the problem.


So I replaced it with a brand new regulator ($45.00) and it started up a bit better than before I replaced the regulator.


I drove it today and had a hard time starting the engine. I know that the fuel pump is working because I can hear it working for a couple of seconds after I first turn the key to "On".


I got the engine to start and had to "Goose" it just a bit to get it to smooth out. As I drove it, I noticed that the engine hesitated a little from a stop and even when driving at a slow speed. If I was doing about 30 mph and accelerated, it sped up just fine. No hesitation that I could notice.

I parked the truck and returned about an hour later and had a hard time starting the engine again. I had the same hesitation situation while driving home. When I got it back in the garage, I turned the engine off and tried to restart it. It fired up in a heartbeat. I tried it a couple more times and got the same good results.


One other odd thing: My fuel gauge began fluctuating just a little when this all began. It bounces between 1/2 and 3/4 tank while the truck is just sitting still. So it's not the fuel sloshing around inside the tank.

I don't have any other draws on the electrical system such as directionals or 4 way hazard lights flashing that might cause the electric to fluctuate.


I'm going to hook up my OBD II to see if there are any trouble codes but in the mean time, has anyone had a similar problem?

How did you fix it?



Keats, Arizona :help:

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Could be a billion things on these electronically controlled wonders ... but fuel pressure would be the first thing I'd be checking.

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