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2014 gmc sierra 5.3 whipple

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I have a 2014 gmc sierra with whipple supercharger, i locally tuned the car but since then my plugs are running out and the car missfires while hptuners doesnt show any knock at wot!


I returned stock plugs and it seems better a bit with miss fires however whipple doesnt recommend them, whay solution can i do?

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Have a different tuner look at it. If whipple doesn't recommend them....that doesn't mean you can't do it I suppose.


Seems like there is another issue going on somewhere.



Put some pics of the install up here, so we can all drool over them!

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If memory serves correctly, there is a possibility with added cylinder pressure the Iridium tips on your spark plugs can come off and cause cylinder scoring. I would not use them. With a blower, you have to close the gap on your plugs and run cooler plugs. Did you follow Whipples instructions on both counts? If not, you could be in for some major engine damage. Hopefully your tuner has the fuel mixtures correct. Good luck and nice looking setup!

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What plugs did you install when the blower was installed. TR6's? Is the truck misfiring enough to set the check engine light?

everytime we install them, they will over spark and burn as the tuner said, we did not install the TR6s, the stock ones doesn't spark except on WOT and not as much but sooner or later they'll go out like the ones recommended by Whipple. Timing is at 16-17 and A/F is at 10.8-11


What do you think is the issue?

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