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Adding LED marker lights

Adding LED marker lights  

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Thinking of adding 6" LED clearance bars on sides. Front ember/rear red with signals and running lights. There is just a clamp holding it on right now. Whatcha think?




Demo lite at night.

Before front


After front


After with Head lights on



Before rear


After rear



I think they differently compensate for GM not properly marking the sides of the truck.

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aren't there mirrors for that.

it does get me thinking of the first weird road rage like event I had the other day.. ended up a drag race.


no side lights might have been the culprit.

I have forgotten already what it is to be flooring a tin can to get on the highway.


Anyway, I vote no on the up front lights.

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I think they need to be lower about deflector height. Don't really wanna drill the deflector. Will have to make up some kind of bracket and mount just behind.

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Jay, I'll ask you since you seem to haul for a living.


What exactly is the purpose of "clearance lights"? The ones on the roof confuse me the most. Is all of this just because people want to have more light in general, or is there an actual benefit to this?

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I think it's to warn on coming traffic something big is coming sooner. Only real benefit is in the hills and when dark.


I think they also have a dimming affect, making the headlights appear less intense to others.

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I guess the oncoming traffic thing makes sense. I have only headlights and tail lights on my truck, I see how it could be deceiving at night mistaking me for a small car.



Have you repainted the bumper? The paint and the chrome are in excellent shape!

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Chrome is the deflector. But still has original paint. Picts always make it look better than it actually is. There are quite a few stone pecks up front. I just fill with touch up paint to prevent rust.

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I have a Bodyshop do windshield work and the one thing they can't believe is how spotless my rocker panels are. Not a chip down there. Good long mud flaps is all that's needed.

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