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Ongoing water leak!! RIDICULOUS!

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WARNING LONG POST SEE BOTTOM FOR A QUICK SUMMARY - Sorry, for the long post but this has been a loooong ongoing problem with the truck that others should be aware of.


So, about 3 months ago I found a leak in my truck. Water was coming in above the center of the rear windshield. I brought the truck to the dealer a day that it was raining, water was literally pouring in like a faucet. Their response was, yes it's leaking, but we'll need our glass guy to look at it in a couple of days, so they told me to bring it back


2 days go by and I hear nothing so I call the dealer. I'm told a TSB is suddenly now out on the problem and it mandates replacing the rear glass not just resealing it. I'm told the glass is ordered and I'll be called when it's in.


About 2-3ks go by and again I hear nothing so I call. I get, oh, some one was supposed to call you, the glass is here. At this point the headliner had been repeatedly soaked and dried and the interior is starting to smell musty, I was driving around with a towel covering the back seats, that's how much water was conning in. So I also get them agree to replace the headliner. The service writer says he's going away for a week, but if I agree to wait he'll have the headliner done. I agreed, but asked him to order the headliner ahead of time so everything was ready to go when he got back.


Week goes by, I bring the truck in and leave it. Time goes by and again I hear nothing, common theme with this service department, so I call. In told they ordered the wrong headliner and are waiting for the right one. A couple days later still nothing, so I press the issue. Turns out what really happened was the front windshield needed to come out to replace the headliner, and in the process they broke the front windshield and have to replace it.


Some more time goes by and it's finally ready. I go to pick it up and things really start to get interesting. A couple weeks before bringing the truck in I had done a full paint correction with my DA buffer and applied a ceramic paint coating, so the paint was flawless. I get there to pick it up and find the truck parked outside with a very obvious 4ft section of scratches along the driver's side of the bed. In addition to that there's a 2" gouge in the new front windshield they put in, and sweaty arm prints all over the new rear windshield they put in (to fix the leak).


Obviously not to thrilled I pointed this out to the service writer. He offered to have the paint buffed, but honestly I preferred to do it myself since I would have to reapply the paint coating to that area. He said he would pass along the info about the windshield scratch and someone would call me. Guess what? Yup, I heard nothing, but I was going away for a week so I figured I'd deal with it when I got back. (I was able to buff out most of the scratches on the bed, everything was documented with photos)


So, I get back after week and things really go down hill quick. I get in my truck and it has that musty smell again. I look in the back and the new headliner is stained again in the same spot. (At this point I open a claim with GM... not helpful at all). I called the dealership and made an appointment to have the leak addressed (again), have the windshield replaced (again), and while it's there perform the TSB for the frame coating (I had a couple spots that had peeled and rusted). This was the last week of August.


About a week after bringing it in I was called and told the 3rd brake light was leaking and that they replaced the seal. However, they were still waiting for the frame coating and it should be in next week.... next week came and I was told itd be a few more days, then a few more, then a few more.


September 30th, OVER 1 MONTH, and they still have my truck! I finally call and say @&!# the frame coating, I'm coming to get my truck. I get there, they spend 10mins looking for my keys, finally find them and send me on my way with a truck that's "fixed". They pull the truck up and immediately when I open the door I see the headliner is DRENCHED in the same large spot in the back! (Mind you its pouring out) OVER 1 MONTH they had the truck, they told me the leak was fixed, and it's not even close!


So, after talking with the service manager I reluctantly leave the truck. I requested all the service records to date before leaving and was on the phone with GM on the way home. GM and the dealer have offered no legitimate remedies. At this point I think with the amount of times the interior has gotten water in it (it was running down the headliner and coming out the window trim around the seatbelts at one point), plus the fact they still can't fix the it, I want a new truck. The way I see it, I spent a LOT of money on a brand new truck that isn't really brand new. Water in an interior is not something to mess with. (Mine is only at 5500mi and 6mos old).


The dealer called later the same day and said the leak was actually coming THROUGH the 3rd brake light and that they were going to replace it the next day. (How they didn't notice that before I don't know). A few days go by and I call because I haven't heard from them (no surprise). I'm told the 3rd brake light has been replaced but they want to wait for the glass guy to double check and make sure the rear windshield he did a month ago definitely wasn't leaking. They said he'd be there at 1pm and I could pick it up that evening... (this was yesterday)


Well, I get a call that afternoon. Turns out the glass guy "didn't like a few spots" and they had to reseal the rear windshield. The sealant has to set and they still have to clean the new stains on the new headliner. So, I have to leave it until early next week. That brings us to today.




-2014 Silverado 1500 Z71 LTZ, $49k sticker

-5,500 miles, 6 months old.

-Over 2months total at the dealer for a water leak through the roof.

-Currently been there for almost 1 and a half months consecutively (haven't seen my truck since August!)

-2 new front windshields

-New rear windshield

-Resealed new rear windshield

-New 3rd brake light and seal


Still no truck, still don't know if it's fixed. I'm 27, I've owned 7 Chevrolets, this is my second brand new one. Between the problems with this truck, the TERRIBLE service center, and lack of customer service I'm thinking I'm unfortunately done with GM in the future.

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Unfortunately for them I've worked as a mechanic for 11yrs, including a brief time running a shop, so I'm familiar with most of the lines. I've got to tell you, this is far and away the most poorly run and incompetent service center I've ever seen.

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I had this happen on one of my work vans. it took 6 trips to the dealer and 2 windshields to finally have it fixed right. I was livid. Same as you, ya we will call you, ya its fixed and then sure enough i would look up and the headliner would be soaked. Sorry to hear about it. I sent a letter GM documenting the ordeal , I got 3 free oil changes. Thanks for nothing

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Unfortunately, good customer service is very hard to find. I have experienced what you have experienced as well. I no longer drive a GM. I think overall the trucks are good, but this type of customer service runs people off.


I am not sure where you are located, but generally 3-4 attempts to repair or 30-45 days = a lemon in most states.

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