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1st time out


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21 minutes ago, swathdiver said:

I'll say!  Do you know a fella Wayne Cole with a Buick GN?  He lives down that way or used to.  We used to race a lot together 25+ years ago.  Back in the day we had to have a cage too if we ran into the 11s or faster.  So for our street cars we just slowed them down, turned down the boost, quit running slicks and race gas, etc. till they went 12.0s all night long.  Don't remember Midnight Madness but do remember the Super Chevy Sundays.  We also watched the Citrus Nationals and other big events.  Sometimes we'd be camping/hunting in the woods nearby and could hear the jet cars make their runs and see them light up the night sky.


That's a great time for that truck and I can imagine she'll really pick it up once you get her to hook and start the engine mods.  For drag racing I guess a true limited slip would work best no?  On the latest video, why were the LTFTs so high?  Was it still learning or was that because of the manual tuning?  


Our children were introduced to drag racing only fairly recently.  They like cars and racing and know how to turn wrenches but prefer more girly things right now.  We've only been going once a year or so and that is likely part of it.  I think that will all change once they make their first pass.  My youngest prefers 4x4s and trails and mud.


Good talking to ya Roland.

Subscription much appreciated brother, the kids are always so happy for each one :) Yes I know Wayne, he is the older gentleman with the black Granny, used to have it parked right by the announcer booth at the starting line and raced it sometimes too. Love that car, I think it's just bolt-ons. I took 3rd place at Super Chevy Sunday in '06 - got a "Money Winner" sticker and a check for $100 from Moroso Motorsports Park. Got a nice old video of that event too.


Yes, next mod will need to be track bars for the wheel hop and leaf spring bind. We welded the factory open differential and the process is very well documented in the "Fire and NOS" video right below the latest one on our channel.


The trims are crazy because I am still tweaking the tune for E85 and may not have taken the correct or most direct route. Initially it idled extremely rough with the flow mods, this is noticeable in the video "Enter Plan C". So far I've managed excellent starting/idling, and daily cruising manners as well as very respectable track performance. But the fuel economy is 12 MPG and trims are whacked as you pointed out. Work in progress... :)


We have one that just turned 13 and one that just turned 16. I try to get them as involved as possible and they make an appearance in most of the videos, also help a lot with repairs. But until they turn 18 and start actually racing video games and other nonsense are a strong competition to the things I aim to put them on to haha.


Lead by example I suppose...


Likewise James!



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