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Bought a CD player for the Bimmer

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IT's a sweet little feature packed deck


Clean design, Pre-out's for speaker and sub amps, Built in Electronic Crossver's for the Seaker and Sub Amp Pre-out's, Daisychaining caompatible(I can have multiple CD Changer's if I want) E-COM Compatible, MP3, CD-R/RW, ESN(Eclipse Security Network, free theft replacement for one year, "Key CD" feature, if disconnected from power sourse, it will not work until a The CD you program is entered in the deck) Electronically stored ESN that can't be erased without destorying the deck. Brass Internal's(I think, Years ago they did it, I'm betting they still do). They make my stock 1987 BMW Premium thumpwith the Bass at zero with the right song in it.

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