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I'm sure it is a fun truck, but Calloway is pretty proud of their package of a supercharger, intake, cat-back exhaust system, and some badging for $17,995. 


I may be mistaken here, but I think the real value of their package is they (Calloway/GM) honors the GM factory B2B warranty, and possibly even the factory power-train warranty, but I could be wrong on that?  For $17,995 if you're not getting the factory GM warranty then there are definitely more cost affective ways to supercharge your 6.2L truck.



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I felt the same way even with factory performance cars. For instance the 94 impala ss and the Trailblazer ss. All I wanted was a little more performance. And what you end up with is a rough riding vehicle with other performances stuff that you rarely can use that adds to the bottom line. Back in the day if you simply wanted a bigger engine that’s pretty much what you got. The last time I looked at a mustang I could get a V6 for 18K the GT was 15K more. The Ram truck is pretty much the only vehicle you can do that with.

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