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I hope I’m in the right spot.  Can’t seem to find any information nor does the dealership know.  I ordered an 2019 Chevy Silverado 2500HD LTZ crew cab V8 just over 8 weeks ago.  When I called the dealership to inquire about my order status they informed me that there were “engine constraints” on those trucks.  At first I thought it might just be my order but he said it apply to all trucks for that model year.  Then I thought it might be partial built and waiting on the engine.  I asked if there was a VIN yet, he said no, that they haven’t even started to build yet.  Has anyone else placed an order and been told this?  Seems strange.  Any information would be appreciated.  Thanks!

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They don't 'partial build'.


If the parts aren't available, it doesn't get started. 


VIN doesn't get assigned until it is on the line (the last part of the number is the sequence number)

They are tracked with the order number til then.


Get the order number from your dealer and ten GM chat can give you the status number for your truck.  The status number will indicate far the order is in the process.

The order number is used to track the order, from creation at the dealer until the vehicle is delivered to customer or the order is cancelled.

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There could be some yet to be announced changes to the old 6.0L for 2020 and it is affecting the 2019 builds. For awhile in 17 the L5P DMax was on constraint due to production not being able to keep up with demand.  There could be other items that are in short supply besides the engine.

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