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Infotainment system

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Infotainment system sucks. It is slow to come on. You can not get the xm travel link any more. My I pod cut out if it is plug into the usb in the console but not if it plug into the usb on the dash. It also losses the SD card if you have two devices plug into the console usb. Now that my 30 days are up I can not get to the apps page with out a password.  

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The Infotainment Systems do have their problems. Depending on which one you have IOR, IOS or IOT, The bootup process and configuring the system does take a little bit. Sometimes the unit does not 

configure the default user in resulting in their preferences not loading. Sometimes the camera view is slightly in disarray due to placing the vehicle in gear in a quick motion. Had the problem initially

with the SD card before Onstar was activated and working. No problems since. But others have reported problems with the SD card after owning the vehicle for a while. If problems exist with both

connectors in the console, try a different vendor compliant cable or report the problem to the Service Department to ensure the USB circuitry is working properly. The Apps Icon should allow you to access the Apps screen whether you are on Onstar or not. As long as you have a Wifi connection ie AT&T Hotspot or thru your Phone Hotspot, you should be able to use that App. Did you setup a User profile? Just an idea [I'd try it on my truck but it is in the Bodyshop], but without wifi, the user could not login and when you select the Apps Icon, it might want the user logged in, hence a password request.

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