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A/C starts Cold then goes warm

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2005 Sierra, started blowing hot on the passenger vents only. Now blows warm on all dash vents. The truck can  idle in  hot sun & the temp stays at 40f (I have a thermometer in a vent) & at night it will stay cold.

I have

1) Changed out actuators

2) changed out low pressure switch


Now looking to change out the outside ambient temp sensor


Any suggestions will be appreciated. TIA

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If you had the right scan tool,  you could pull HVAC codes, look at your actuator and sensor data. If you replace an actuator,  it needs to be calibrated with a scan tool. 

Playing the guessing game, I would say it is a temperature actuator. 

 If you have dual control there are 4 actuators in the system. Mode, recirculation,  left temp, right temp.

My advice is to get a proper diagnosis.  How much time and money are you going to spend throwing parts at it?


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