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Truck before the trailer

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Hey all,  I'm new to this forum.


Recently purchased a new 2019 2500HD Denali, crew cab, standard bed, 6.6 Duramax.  I absolutely love it.  Purchased it with the 5th wheel prep with intentions of purchasing a 5th wheel for future full time living to support me alone for work in 1 location away from home, not continuous traveling.  I then started looking at trailers.  Starting to think i should have gotten the 3500.  I like the Grand Design Solitude 310GK-R (UVW 12,100, Hitch Weight 2,350, GVWR 15,000) or the S-Class 2930RL-R (UVW 11,442, Hitch Weight 2,174, GVWR 15,000).  My Truck is rated for 13,500 on the 5th wheel..  I would not load this trailer to the 15,000 GVWR capacity and probably not even encroach on the 13,500 lbs rating of the truck so i believe it would be OK.  The issue i have is the available payload is way too low.  The truck with me and a full tank of fuel weighs 8160.  That leaves 1940 available.  Then minus a 250 lbs hitch and 150-200 misc stuff, takes available payload to ~1500 or less. That's ~700 to 900 lbs low for these trailers.  I'm not aware of anything that would increase the payload capacity as the truck is only rated for 10,000.  Airbags would aide in towing stability, but the truck is still only rated at 10,000.  I am sure this truck will tow this trailer with no issues, but i do not believe i want to take a chance if anything would happen by exceeding the payload capacity. Does anyone tow either of these trailers with the 2500HD?  I have pretty much convinced myself to find a different trailer.  Any comments are  appreciated.  Thanks.

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