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Trailer rear camera hookup?

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I bought a 2020 GMC sierra that has camera jacks at the 7 pin hitch hookup. I have a travel trailer that i have hooked up a rear camera (used to view on a separate back up screen on top of my dash in old F150).

I would like to use this camera instead of forking out $500 for one from GM.  I thought I would be able to plug camera feed from trailer (RCA Plug) into trailer camera jack at rear of truck. My first hurdle was the truck jack is not RCA but a PAL(mainly European) connector. Was able to find a RCA to PAL adapter cable.  When I hook up trailer and plug in camera, screen says no camera detected. I crawled under truck to make sure wires go to truck camera jack - there is a cable to the rear camera jack but not to the interior camera jack next to it. Does anyone know how to get the camera to be detected?

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It could a proprietary setup.  I know there is DC power on the camera cable to provide power.  You could distroy any camera you connect to it.  I purchased the GM rear camera when I got the truck and had the dealer install it under my watchful eye.  It's mounted on the center line of the trailer and 4 inches in height above the camera height on the tailgate.  It is HD quality and works very well.  Calibration and holding calibration for the transparency view are other issues I am having trouble with it.

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Here it is- April 19, 2021.  I spent the whole day at the GMC dealership.  GPS doesn't work or is intermittent.  Rear trailer camera doesn't work or is intermittent.  I have had this problem for some time since it was new- July 2020.  The technician said there was an GPS error code and replaced the GPS antenna.  It worked great when I left the shop- but failed before I got home.   I called the service rep- He said push ON-STAR.  I did a welcome call- bingo- GPS started working.  Sample of 1 time.  We'll see how well this works.


At the same time I noticed the trailer brake lights after locking the truck with the FOB.  This is the theft deterrent mode.  The lights were flickering... I unlocked the truck and re-locked with the door lock.  The lights behaved normally with a single flash every 30 seconds or so.


The techician said there was an error code for the rear camera.  They will order another one. I'm not optimistic at all.  The whole Infotainment system is very complex with complex firmware.  Seems like there is not sufficant diagnostic error catching codes to trouble shoot problems.

My quess is tomorrow I will check out the camera and it will work.  If it does, I still lose the calibration.  That means I will need to remove the rear trailer tire to re-calibrate.  YES- It doesn't calibrate with the rear tire mounted.

These problems need to be elevated to higher hardware, software and firmware engineers. How can they fix these things if they are not in the middle of the trouble shooting battle ????

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    • By Disposable
      Any help before I have to leave the truck at the dealer for a few days would be great. 
      2017 Silverado
      Dual 7 pin and 4 pin connector
      Test the 7 pin :  8 volts when grounded to the wiring harness
      Test the 4 pin : 7-8 volts when grounded to the wiring hardness
      Test the 7 pin :  8 volts when grounded to the Frame
      Test the 4 pin : 7-8 volts when grounded to the Frame
      7-8 Volts on when testing at the fuse panel  under the hood. Grounded to the engine block. 
      Relay seems good, all 4 fuses are good.  Other Fuses like lights, radio and wipers all bring back 12v range. 
      I am not sure where to go from here. I don't want to miss a ground wire or something. 
      I did clean and re-attach the ground wire next to the brake controller under the rear of the truck. 
    • By Juan Parra
      Can the 7 pin receptacle with the 4 pin that’s in the bed of the truck be swapped with the 7  pin receptacle with camera inputs on the bumper? Just makes more sense to have the 4 pin on the bumper instead of in the bed. I tow a 5th wheel with the GM camera system and it makes sense to connect it in the bed. Does GM make an extension for the camera inputs to be able to make the move from the bumper to the bed?
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      Anyone using the GM trailer TPMS optional sensors?
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      2020 Rocky Ridge K2 Silverado 5.3L
      14K miles
      First time posting.
      Have been expereincing intermittent brake lights staying on after engine shut down for several weeks. Took it to the dealership, who ran a diagnostic on the truck and came back with "all things look normal, no codes". By the time I got home, the brake lights were in a state of constant "on" and I was able to restart the truck without applying the brake, even with the key fob outside the vehicle. Received several Onstar warnings to "Service Parking Brake". The parking brake had engaged and would not release. I disconnected the battery for 20 minutes, reconnected the battery which cleared the code. Called the dealership and was told I would have to leave it with them for awhile (several days to a week) to find out what the issue is. Would be ok except they do not provide a loaner car and rentals are thru the roof in our area ($100/day) so I have been living with this inconvenience until I can find an alternative way to work (80 miles rt).
      Then this happened over the past weekend:
      While driving back from the lake with my boat in tow, the truck went into a critical brake failure mode. Here is the series of events. Moored boat at dock and went to retrieve truck to remove boat from water. Could not unlock door on truck with FOB. Truck was "dead". No voltage activity. Used 12v portable jump pack to start vehicle. Let run for @20 min before proceeding to drive home with boat attached. Check engine light was on for 30 seconds then went out, but no warning dialog boxes. After we were on the road for @15 min, in rapid succession, I received the following warning dialog boxes: Service Trailer Brake System Service ESC Service Parking Brake Brake System Failure - 62 MPH Top Speed Check engine warning light Traction Control Off warning light ABS Off warning light As soon as I saw this, I tried to apply the brakes and they went to the floor. As you might imagine, it was chaotic in the vehicle when it became apparent that the vehicle along with the 6000lbs of Boat/trailer in tow was not going to stop in any timely fashion. Along with the trailer brake failure and vehicle brake reduction, the backup surge brakes on the trailer would not engage due to the lack of quick inertia braking force. I had the pedal to the ground and eventually we came to a stop. The rest of the ride home (2 miles) was a 5mph white knuckle event.   The insult to the injury is there has been no warnings, email, text or posted on account from Onstar about this series of events but... I did get one on the same day that my Oil change is due. I am posting the screen shots I took after we came to a stop.

        It is being towed to the dealership tomorrow. I will let you know what happens.   I absolutely love my truck. It is the 5th Chevy that Ive owned, and sadly the worst one of the bunch.   M  

    • By Ryan Amey
      Hey everyone,
      I bought a 2014 Sierra 1500 back in September that was perfect EXCEPT it didn’t come with the oem brake controller. So I contacted my local GM dealer and gave them my vin. They looked up my truck and verified that it was built including the trailering package. This is important because I’ve seen that your trucks computer has to be programmed to accept the oem trailer brake controller, the piece isn’t just plug and play. So I verified this with the dealership. 
      *I’m really thrown off that my truck has everything in the trailer package for that year except for the brake controller*
      I purchased an OEM piece from another GM dealer on eBay, ACDelco and everything. Plugged it in and haven’t received an alert but I also can’t tell if it’s working. I’m going to try plugging a trailer with brakes in and see if anything changes or if the controller does anything. But from what I’ve seen I should already see a new info page for the brake controller.
      I’ll update the thread later whether or not it worked, regardless I’ll leave the thread up in case anyone else is in the same boat. If anyone has suggestions or advice it would be much obliged. 
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