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Assist Steps - GM Sports Steps vs. 4-Inch Round

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I am debating between some Assist Steps to my 2021 LT Trail Boss (Summit White) and have narrowed it down to two choices:


  • Crew Cab 4-Inch Round Assist Steps in Black #84011355
  • Crew Cab Sport Step Assist Steps in Black with Silverado Script #84742421


I am looking for ones that do not stick out too far or hang too low.  Any pros or cons to either these would be appreciated.


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Last I heard, both the Chevrolet and GMC Sport Steps were no longer available due to supplier issues.  At least they were at the beginning of the year.  I originally ordered the 4-inch round steps with my truck and it put my order on constraint because they couldn't get those either.  But I know they are still getting those as I still see the Rally Editions shipping with those.

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I have the sport steps on my 2020 Trail Boss.  I'm very happy with them.  Some steps just aren't the right height or distance to/from ft l truck for using to get in and out.  These have worked for me.  I especially appreciate their rough texture to maximize grip.  Not too rough for bare feet, but not a smooth that'll have you slip and fall on a rainy day.  They do have a big downside, though.  Mounting brackets are plates that are J-shaped.  If you do any moderate offroading these mounting brackets are likely to hit the ground.  I've done it several times with mine.  If your truck will be a pavement queen, get the sport steps.  If it'll see dirt don't get any steps. 

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