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Level on 21 Denali Ultimate

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Hi guys, 


Quick question. I had a 17 Sierra Denali Ultimate and installed a 2" level kit from Rough Country as well as added Nitto A/T tires to the factory 22" wheels. After doing so the overall ride quality of the truck wasn't close to what it was stock. I know the higher ply tires had some affect as well.

My question is, I just bought a 21 Sierra Denali Ultimate and absolutely love the ride on the factory 22" tires/wheels but am itching to level this one as well. 

Is there a level kit out there that will accomplish this without sacrificing the awesome ride quality of these trucks?


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For what its worth, I had a 19 Denali Ultimate with 22s and leveled it and also dropped to 20 inch wheels with D load rated nittos so they weren't the E rated 10 ply heavier tires. Would not do it again. I initially went with an E load rated tire and immediately pulled those and went with a lighter tire to help the ride plus the combined weight of the 20 inch wheels and lighter tire were near the stock weight of the 22s. It did help a bit but the biggest issue was a constant vibration. In 2WD it always felt like a tire was out of balance starting at about 65 MPH and got a bit worse up through 85. In AWD/4WD it always vibrated under acceleration above about 30 mph. I paid to have the tires rebalanced 3 times at 3 different shops after the initial install as well. I didn't drive it anywhere near as much during Covid so it wasn't that big of a deal for a lot of the time that I owned it. I traded it back in May for 21 AT4 that came with a proper coil over lift (fabtech dirt logix) and 35x12.5x18 Toyo Open Country 3s and it rides a ton better than my Denali did - mostly because it isn't constantly shaking at higher speeds. 

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I know it's not a Denali, but on my Silverado LTZ, I first added the Bilstein 6112's front for leveling, 1" block and 5160's in the rear. With the factory rims and tires, the ride improved greatly over the factory ride. Recently, I  added new tires and wheels, and the ride suffered. Not terrible, but not what it was with the Bilsteins and Factory wheels/tire combo. Going to an LT rated tire makes for a stiffer ride. 

But after a few weeks, I do not notice the ride difference. I do highly recommend the Bilsteins.

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