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2013 GMC 1500 traction control/ABS issues

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I have a 2013 GMC 1500 4x4 with 4.8L. Recently the truck has started turning off traction control and stabilitrak (often when going over bumps) and it would stay off. Recently the ABS light also started turning on when this happens. The truck makes a ding noise when it happens and it regularly turns traction control and stabilitrak off and on again while driving. I also noticed when this happens and both traction control are automatically turned off, my brake lights turn on and remain on while driving. I have read about a yaw sensor and am unsure if this could be the issue, or if it is an abs issue or other electronic problem with traction control and stabilitrak. I have a decent scanner but am not getting much useful information at this point. Any help on what to check would be appreciated.

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Usually you are going to require a scan tool that can read ABS specific codes. That would lead you in the right direction. It could just be a wheel bearing/harness going bad but you need to know which one.

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