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2019 infotainment screen

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I cleaned my truck and my infotainment center is off.  I had to have turned it off somehow or it a coincidence that it quit.  Radio works and apple car play works. But you can’t see anything.  When you first start the truck and it’s dark you can see a very dim back light but nothing else.  I’ve tried dashlight dimmer and pulled the fuses to reset.  Anybody got anything else to try???

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I have a 2019 LT Z71 and occasionally mine will do the same thing.

The fix? 

Turn your light dial from auto to manual "on" and then back to auto. 

The screen should reappear as normal.

Why? My guess is it just stays in night time dim mode, especially since I turn my dashlights down almost as far as it will go at night because I drive rural roads 80%of the time and I find it makes it hard to see critters like deer. When I park I will turn them back up, but sometimes the info screen will stay dim.

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