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21 Sierra AT4 Subwoofer install

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Just figured I would post some photographs and details about a recent Subwoofer install I did on my AT4 with BOSE.  I noticed there is not a lot of information out there currently on adding a non factory subwoofer.  Overall I found the process very simple especially since I purchased a wiring harness from A.I.S Audio which worked flawlessly.  Loving the amount of extra bass now. Subwoofer is a JL10 thin woofer paired with a Kenwood Exceleron monoblock.  Figured I would post in case anyone else is on the fence about this upgrade and wondering how to accomplish it.




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20 hours ago, TxTruckMan said:

Nice. But my kids would destroy that Amp. Where did the harness connect to for inputs?

Harness plugged into the Bose amp behind the rear seats. Super easy plug and play using the PAC LP7

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58 minutes ago, AML said:

Where did you source the woofer box?

Got lucky and found a shop locally who had one that was custom built.  I just needed to carpet it, then I added some extra pieces on the front so I could downward fire it.  I thought it worked out pretty nice.

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On 9/15/2021 at 2:14 PM, snowman44 said:

Did you trim your underneath storage?  I have same set up with the storage and dont want to have to take whole thing out to put in sub.

Yes I just cut the underneath storage using a very sharp reciprocating saw and also cut in a few notches on my all weather mats. 

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Smack dab in the middle of the back wall along with the inverter 

have to remove the back seat to get to it 


there are a few tutorials on YouTube on how to do it



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I really like how you trimmed down your storage part. I’ve been wondering if there’s anyone out there that has done an install but with keeping the storage compartment. Because I would like to do the same just center the subwoofer and keep the storage on the sides. You kinda gave me an idea. 

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