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54 GMC 1/2 ton truck VIN Location

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I inherited a beautifully restored 54 GMC truck. In the driver’s side door jam there is a metal sticker with serial/engine # on it. I also have the original title with a vin and a “tab #” on it. The motor is original and matches door jam tag. At the DMV CA they have a VIN # associated with the truck (starts with E followed by 9 numbers). They want me to have law enforcement inspect truck to make sure the title matches the vin before they transfer title to me. I can’t find any vin on truck that matches the info the dmv and title claim. I know the person who left it to me would not have started process of reg at dmv if the number wasn’t valid. Thanks for any ideas on this. 


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The VIN is the serial number on the plate.  Sounds like the State MAY HAVE issued a new VIN for the vehicle in the past. If so they probably affixed a sticker with that number on the vehicle at the time. If it was restored they may have inadvertently removed or destroyed that official sticker.


You are going to have to jump through the state hoops. 

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@elcamino thank you for the reply. Also the info on the attachment is helpful in decoding the metal tag info. Figures that CA would make it so difficult by not using the serial number as identifying #. I’m wondering if that sticker was removed and put “somewhere safe” prior to paint?? Thanks for advice. 

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