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Oil additives

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On 8/29/2023 at 10:40 PM, swathdiver said:

This is dated July 2017 and does not appear to have changed as I download a new SDS after every purchased and they've all been the same.


Yep @swathdiver, I see it. Phillips......:P


 Dexos 1 Gen 2 vs Gen 3: The Ultimate Comparison (rally-america.com)


Note that there was NO LIMIT to the amount of Group II/II+ fluids that were allowed in Gen 2? Yea, a Dexos license on an oil that had been around since what, the 1970's. Now for Gen#3 there is a 30% limit on Group II fluids. Of course, oxidation and sludge will improve. And thus, the change in the MSDS. They are also calling Group II+ a synthetic. 


But it is a pretty low bar. That's shelf oil for ya. It's a commodity product and they are all the same. Only difference I've seen is in choice of VII improver. Some shear down silly and some don't. 

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