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2013 Silverado 1500 WT shocks [Monroe Reflex ?]

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While under the land yacht, I noticed the bottom of both of my rear shocks were badly rusted, deep rust. They aren't leaking [yet], still work fine. Suspect they were originals, now I got @ 52 + K on the truck. I do have the Z82/Z85 tow package, so according to the ad droids, these have a 46mm piston and a monotube. I do want to have decent towing ability, but am not going to shell out for Bilsteins. The original tires might have cracking on the tread face, circumferential, follows between the treads. That will be fun. Rims are steel. God help me.

  I tow 1-2K semi-occasionally. Most of the time, the heaviest thing I haul is 400lbs of sand over the rear axle in Winter. No lift kit.


I want to run Monroe 911502 Reflex Monotube Shock Absorber Rear and 911501 Reflex Monotube Shock Absorber Front. I have no clue is the difference between the two is no boot on the front shock?

Any deeply buried painful memories with Reflexes on a 1500 Long Bed WT with the Z82/Z85 package?
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You have front struts, so they will have to be disassembled to put in the new shock.  Might want to replace some of the worn out parts in the assembly while you are at it.


I would replace them with GM OE shocks, they will far outlive any of the aftermarket ones and are specifically tuned for your truck, not generic.


Tires are dry rotted and have reached the end of their service life.  They only last 4-5 years down here in the south unless garage kept.  The sun's UV rays do it.


Your shock codes are in your RPO sheet, the 6XX and 7XX codes are them.



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Parts and Accessories search for shocks
the 6XX and 7XX codes are them
Part# 540-619 - ACDelco

Part# 20955498 - GM

Part# 540-619 - ACDelco

Part# 20955498 - GM


Eh, different RPOs, same P/Ns... GM is pretty proud of them, a C bill each.

'Tis true for the fronts, the rears are under the chassis code.
Oddly, there is nothing listed for Z85, 2 Door, Standard Cab Pickup. I did select "WT" as the trim level...
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Plug your VIN in at GMPartsGiant and have a look there.  They are usually the most accurate.


As for prices, you get what you pay for.  ACDelco OE and OE Rancho shocks are some of the best as far as endurance and ride quality goes.  They are tailored for your specific vehicle and not generic.

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