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1995 Suburban Actuator

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Ok, now the actuator will not retract when I go back into 2wd. I can bench the actuator and applying power to one pin and it retracts fine. In 2wd the female connection associated with the retact pin on the actuator has NO power, in 4wd I get power to that pin and one other.


What a pain....I think the reason the front diff went out is because the previous owner didn't realize it wasn't retracting resulting in the front always in 4WD though not through the transfer case....I don't know.


To refresh; I have the motor driven actuator (the retro fix to the two wire original version) on a 95 Sub.


Must be the transfer case sensor???? The same wire they tap off of for the retro fix has power in 4WD but not in 2WD....





VERY frustrated Suburban owner.....

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This is for all 48 of you who read this post but didn't have any suggestions. Check the darn wiring! Who ever did the upgrade didn't splice the correct wire coming out of the transfer case switch ( three wire sensor ). Seems they thought they were supposed to tap into the blue wire, the instructions clearly state to tap the brown! I did lot's a head scratching becuase I assumed whoever did the upgrade did it right! Once again the addage goes; when you assume you make a .....big ...um, mistake. NOW it freewheels like it's supposed to. I think the original owner, whom I bought the Sub from either bought it this way or paid someone to do the upgrade and have likely been driving it around FOR YEARS with the front locked in 4WD!


Hope this helps SOMEONE........


Wendell :ughdance:

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Final update with this issue:

The original owner took the vehicle to a dealer/GM Good Wrench mechanic 4 years ago in Colorado Springs because, as the TSB points out, it wasn't going into 4WD. The DEALER miss-wired the new harness not once but twice and still got it wrong. They had a 33% chance of picking the correct wire followed by a 50% chance if they were picking randomly.


Thanks to all who have helped me so far, I appreciate your feedback and input.

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