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Speedway Edition

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I hope it is fast, so it can blurr itself out. That front cowl looks awfull. I think I had a Matchbox car when I was little that had the same wheels.

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Guest chevydeerhunter
The wheels need some help.  For some reason I could see that thing with the yellow-lettered tires to complete whatever look they're going for.








If the wheels had a negative offset, it would look like a Craftsman truck.

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Vehicle Highlights


Win on Sunday. Sell on Monday – especially when the truck you offer on Monday looks like the one that won on Sunday. This specially themed Silverado show vehicle uses racing-based cues derived from the Silverados that race in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series, linking the speedway to trucks people can drive on the streets. Multiple bolt-on performance enhancers back up the truck’s racy looks.


Improved engine breathing with low-restriction air box and cat-back exhaust system

9.5-inch rear axle assembly

6-lug NASCAR-style wheels with NASCAR-look tires

Lowered suspension

Custom drilled brake rotors and painted brake calipers

Special front fascia with a NASCAR-themed look

Tonneau cover with integrated rear spoiler

Unique interior badging

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I think I would go along with a couple other guys also and say the wheels need changin' but I still think its cool!

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