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what is a ck1500??

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what is the ck1500 is it a work truck or is it some other thing





C is 2 wheel drive

K is 4 wheel drive

1500 is a half ton

the 88's through 98's where designated that way and they could be a Chevy or GMC


the older trucks (87 and older) where:

C10 - chevy 2WD half ton

C15 - GMC 2WD haff ton

K10 - Chevy 4WD haft ton

K15 - GMC 4WD haft ton

20/25's where 3/4 ton

30/35's where 1 ton

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The C/K trucks were made alongside the new body style Silverado/Sierra trucks in '99, and I think in '00 as well. It is my understanding that GMC did this to satisfy steady demand for the existing C/K models. Due to the overlap in years, one has to be specific when purchasing parts and accessories for the old body style (OBS) truck. Mine is a 1999 K1500 with the Z-71 package. The badge on the tailgate reads 'Sierra Classic'. I've only ever seen a few badged that way and have wondered why that is.

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From what I understand there were very very few 1/2 ton OBS made in '99, but they did have the larger 1 ton trucks through 2000, not sure when they switched over the 3/4 tons.....only thing I know is OBS trucks kick ass and my '98 is one of the newest out there :thumbs:

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