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Happy Birthday...


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Sorry mods, I had to!  Got to represent my homeboy.  :D





Sorry paco, but I've got to disrespect your "boy", and I use that term literally.  :cheers:









Far be it from me to tell mods what they should do, but isn't this is just the least bit disrespectful? I mean, I never really much cared for the guy either, but at least I acknowledge him being a member here, albeit a banned one.


Ah well, guess the people who have the power make the rules, huh?

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I understand what you are saying, we may be taking the low road. But he took things to amazing lows himself.


I personally think it's Disrespectful to us mods and admin. that he's still being brought up in conversation over a year (If not 2) after the fact.


I feel no shame in what me and Frank said.




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I feel no shame in what me and Frank said.






Nor do I because this was started to stir up sh!t and no other reason seeing as how the person in question was suspended numerous times, banned once and then allowed back in before he was permanently banned, and then had a nice little "decal removal tech article" on another board after he was permanently banned because he was too stupid to follow the rules he agreed to.


As far as I'm concerned he and his little cronies can rot on another site like they have been because they sure as hell aren't worth their weight in the BS they spread.


Care to discuss it anymore, PM myself or another staff member because this useless discussion is over.

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