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Dealer treated me very well!!!

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Just thought I would share since I see allot of negative comments about dealers. As I have had some bad experiences with car dealers. I'm in shock at what I just witnessed.


My tahoe has had the classic steering shaft bumpidity bump going on for about 10-15k. I'm at 60K on the odometer and had the shaft lubed at about 30k when it was still under warranty. I'm getting ready to take a trip next week so I thought I would go in and get a new shaft or the lube kit. I have heard the shaft is hard to get so I planned on buying a lube kit and doing it myself.



I went to the dealer were I bought the tahoe. Thought I would ask to see if they would do anything for me. Hey what it hurt to ask. I asked service counter guy if I did the labor if they would give me a break on a lube kit since it was done under warranty once. Obviously out of warranty now. He got the Service manager and the manager didn't ask me anything. He just says "I got a few new designed shafts. If you have an hour I'll get one on there right now free of charge."


They almost had to pick me up off the floor.


Anyone out there out of warranty with this problem I would at least ask the dealer if they can do anything for you.


I forgot how it was to drive my tahoe without the rubber mallet pounding on the steering shaft. I hope the new design last longer than 30K.

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I had a similar experience with mine, although mine was under warranty.


Mine wasn't bad at all, in fact I was trying to feel a clunk or something before she was out of warranty. On the morning I was taking it in for other work, I felt a slight bump in the steering and mentioned it to my service guy. He put in a new steering shaft that day.


Also, I had mentioned I felt a slight "bump" when taking off after coasting to a stop. They put a new nickel plated tailshaft in and I haven't felt it since.


Not all dealers are bad. In fact, I'm very impressed with mine. They could tell me to take it to the dealer that originally sold it to the guy I bought it from (Medved is less than 30 miles away, but in Denver) instead of taking it to the one that's up the road a ways in Longmont (Hajek Chevy).


My dealer drives me back to work when I drop my truck off, and that's about a 12 or 15 mile drive for them. They don't mind at all.


I talked to the parts manager and now I get a good discount. I told him I really wanted to put genuine GM parts on my truck but couldn't afford to do that at list prices. He set up an account under my name.


Yeah, I've had some dealers try to nickel and dime me to death on stuff, but I never went back there and bought anything else from them. Even though I didn't buy my truck from Hajek this time, I'm leaning that way for the next truck in about 10 years or so (I hope)...

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