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WTB: 2001-2002 Silverado parts


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Hello all, Newb here. I don't usually try to post on the classified forum on sites that I just joined but I just picked up my truck on THursday and really want to get her cleaned up a bit.


It is an AZ truck (2001 Silverado 2500HD Black) and it has some issues.


I need the plastic/chrome trim that goes along the lower part of the door. It is a crew cab. I am open to getting different trim that will fit even it it is not off of a silverado.


The next thing I need is the center dash vent, the one right next to the radio. Or a good scrap yard that would sell me that part.


Then I need the little clip that holds the rear cup holder up. It is the same holder in the ext cab and the crew cab, again this may be a scrap yard item.


I'm also looking for some stainless nerf bars and a roll up tonneau (shortbox).


Also if anyone has some good reference sites for these trucks it would be greatly appreciated. I'm just starting to learn what these are ll about and did a bit of research prior to purchasing (which is why I bought an 8.1 4X4).





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