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Driveshaft vibration ?

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Hey Guys,


I have never had to pull out a drive shaft that used the center suppport bearing like my 96 k2500 ext cab longbed. My ujoints are tight but there seems to be some play in the center support bearing. My question is how to change this out.



I looked in the haynes and chiltons manuals , one says it needs to be pressed out the other says simply remove the rear drive shat at the axle then slide out the drive shaft from the center carrier. R&R the center carrier and reinstall.


I dont want to get past the point of no reeturn tofind out I need a press to do this job.


A little insight would bve appreciated. :(:mad:

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thanks anyways everyone I found the answer in another post just had to change my search criteria.


Not the answer I was looking for $$ but its whats needed I believe.


Thanks MATT :mad:

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