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I'm looking to buy a chev/gmc. I need a truck that can haul 4000Ib in the box.






Forget it with a 2500 if you leave it stock and even a stock 3500 SRW would be hard pressed to do it legaly (if you follow vehcile GVW rating) but it is possible if it is a gas truck and a std cab. If it is a extended or CC and or a diesle too you will be over 9900 GVW before you hit 4k payload. What are your options? If you get a SRW 3500 and add a leaf to each side in rear, the stock tires will hold up about 7100 lbs and some change (265 E's) so you could carry 4000 lbs okay though you would be over 9900 GVW but the axle has a 8k capacity itself and chassis/frame is the same on 3500 SRW and DRW. With a 2500, you would need to add a few leafs to each side and upsize tires to 265 E's. Chassi, brake and axles are the same on 2500HD and 3500 SRW so they could both do it with work. If you want a turn key"legal" setup, get a dualie.

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How many case's of sailsbury steak does it take to get to 4k ?

How many steaks per case ?

How much gravy does it take to cover 4k of steaks ?


Ohhh..... steak and gravy






Well, we'll say salisbury steak weighs about 1/2 lb each...thats 8k steaks...but say 1/4 lb of gravy per steak...and a 1/4 potato per steak for good measure...so thats 4k steaks, 1k lbs of potatoes and gravy each...this guy is planning a cookout!! I'll bring the seasoning, wingnut, you bring the beer!

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