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  1. Length increased 3.4 inches, almost 1 inch wider.
  2. 6.6 gas

    It would be fun to put a 6.6 crate motor & 6 speed in my 2002 2500 HD 6.0. I thought about putting a 6.2 in the truck cuz I really enjoy the one in our 1500. After 110,000 miles including trailer I've had zero issues with the 6.2. But I'd think it kick azz to put headers, cold air (no such thing in Arizona) and a tune on the 6.6 to make the 2500 a sleeper.☺
  3. What is Max Payload for 2500 HD CC 4WD? The chart didn't list that combo.
  4. More reason to stay with a diesel, like an AT4 HD. Yep, that'll work.
  5. 6.6 gas

    GM is putting $22 million into the engine plant in Tennessee. Maybe the 6.6L will be made there.
  6. GM is putting $22 million into the engine plant in Tennessee that makes the 6.2L. Could be where the 6.6L will be made.
  7. That's what the retail was on my All Terrain.
  8. 2020HD Wish List

    To be sure, the info for the 1500 is what I was first seeing this morning. Then your clarification started getting me back on course. By the way the badging I saw in a video and some still photos shows AT4 HD on the door and Duramax on the hood, no 2500 is seen. Interesting. Thanks again for your assistance.
  9. MrChips posted this over on the 2020 Sierra AT4 thread a few minutes ago. My appropriate thanks.
  10. 2020 Sierra HD AT4

    Great find MrChips, thanks for sharing. Just what I was looking for, first time I've seen any truck with that combination of badges.
  11. 2020 Sierra HD AT4

    Agreed, assuming they make it right. I kinda wish they had stayed with All Terrain/All Terrain X.
  12. Thanks redwngr, I know you to be the best source of info in these forums. I thought I had the right stuff, but GM has a ton of stuff on all this. 20" Wranglers, hmmm. Hope they will have all black wheels in 18" or 20".
  13. Redwngr when I was reading the HD page at https://www.gmc.com/gmc-life/trucks/introducing-next-generation-sierra-heavy-duty#performance, there is link to the AT4. Rereading the AT4 article, it appears to be for the 1500 class truck. GM needs to point to one for a 2500 HD AT4.
  14. 2020 Sierra HD AT4

    The AT4 is supposedly replacing the All Terrain & All Terrain X packages in the 2500 HD. Well my All Terrain and an All Terrain X I almost bought instead both had Duramax in them. So that doesn't mesh. A lot of people I see out in the Arizona mountains (6,000 ft and up) hunting or 4 wheeling are driving diesels. Diesels are great for rock crawling because of low end torque and the turbo for overcoming the altitude. And a lot of those have hauled a large fifth wheel with them to camp with. Not going to sell a lot of AT4's in that regard. Hopefully GM will reconsider that option.
  15. 2020HD Wish List

    I just read through the GMC Life webpage for the AT4 version. The Duramax is NOT listed as an engine option?! For a 2500HD? That's screwed! https://www.gmc.com/gmc-life/trucks/introducing-the-first-ever-2019-sierra-at4

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