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  1. Start the truck and look at the voltmeter. If it is about 12 - 12.5, that is the battery voltage. The alternator is not putting out enough to carry the electrical load, especially if the AC is running. Bring the RPM up to 750 and observe again. If the voltage starts to climb toward 14 volts then the alternator is generating enough to carry the load and charge the battery. My experience by 1250-1500 RPM the alternator is at maximum output.
  2. Thinking of ordering a 2023, took too long thinking about the 2022's. When will that order book close, typically?
  3. I agree, that's why I don't buy first year of a new generation. I'm looking to order a 2021 3500 AT4, barring anymore serious issues.
  4. For similar mileage, consider the cost of diesel. I'm paying 1.69 now in Phoenix. Regular is 2.09, premium for my 6.2 is 2.49. My last trip to Colorado and back I paid the same price as regular once, otherwise always lower. I invest in oil, it's not going up, middle east is pumping harder again and demand isn't going up. I tow out west up to 11,000, a 6.6 gas motor isn't going to get it done. I'm about to order a 2021 3500 AT4 with a Duramax, for the additional payload. It will get a Banks Derringer for additional power.
  5. Really good looking truck. How was your buying experience with them?
  6. Contact your State's Attorney General Consumer Fraud section for advice.
  7. When I bought our 2018 GMC we weren't told it was free for 5 years, only 6 months. I wouldn't change brands because OnStar wasn't free. Right now GM P/Us are taking the lead back from Ford.
  8. Do you have photos or a link at Harbor Freight? Thanks.
  9. On my 2003 Silverado 2500HD the backs folded down making a completely flat platform for cargo, plus they were carpeted. My dogs have loved that cuz they didn't slip. Wish the newer trucks had stayed with that design. That said I love the storage lockers now in the rear seat backs and convenience storage bin under the rear seat. Darned if you do, darned if you don't.
  10. That's what Jiffy Lube is for. At my age (I'm at 6 ft 3 so height isn't as much an issue) I don't do my oil changes anymore. I swing by my Jiffy Lube, they check ALL the levels and top off as necessary, no charge. Maybe a business in your area will do likewise, especially if you're a consistent customer. I take my three trucks to the same shop. My thoughts.
  11. I have a build sheet for a 2020 3500HD AT4 so I can do an inventory search. Over the last 6 weeks the inventory had climbed to just shy of 4,000 vehicles over a 2000 mile search. Locally climbed from 80 to 95. Some units marked In Transit. Again that's only for 3500HDs and included Denalis. Not rare for awhile.
  12. Thanks for the reply. Understood, I'm actually using it as an inventory query tool to see what is in stock, and are any incentives in play. Over the last 4 weeks there has definitely been an inventory build, so trucks are in the pipelines. Several trucks are marked "In Transit". If a 2020 shows up that is very attractive by options and incentives, like others I will attempt to buy. If not, then I move to the next option and order a 2021. Staying at home and staying safe. Blessings to all.
  13. Gentlemen thank you for the updates. I have a Build done for a 2020 3500HD AT4. Just refreshed it and don't see new incentives for the AT4's...yet. But some Denalis that the Build webpage is showing have incentives up to $3,500 off. I'm holding out for AT4 incentives. Otherwise I will order a 2021 when that order book opens.
  14. For my GMC the first two free dealer oil changes were full synthetic. So I just went to Jiffy Lube and they used a commensurate full synthetic. I've been a vehicle owner for 45 years, used all different major brands since I was doing my own, and never suffered an oil related problem. There is too much brand envy.
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