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  1. 2019 Silverado Mats,

  2. Factory OEM Trailer TPMS 2019 Silverado LTZ

  3. Monroeville Pa Ram Giveaway https://www.monroevilledodgeram.com/current-promotions-Pittsburgh-PA-Dodge-Dealer.htm
  4. Around here they have the 2019 RAMS discounted as much as $12 to 13 thousand. A lot of them sitting on the dealer lots.
  5. Funny, It seems like all the owners ragging on the 2019 Silverado, "DON'T OWN ONE" Don't see the 2019 owners complaining.
  6. Some updated photos of my 2019 LTZ. 3 weeks old. 20% 3m tint on front windows to match rear, chevy accessories Silverado Door Sills, Black Bowtie, Chrome front recovery hooks, Front and Rear OEM Mud Flaps, Black Chevy carpeted floor mats for summer, Black weather mats for winter. GM trailer hitch cover.
  7. One other thing Mr. The fact that the new 2019 Silverado is MADE IN AMERICA BY AMERICAN WORKERS helping to make AMERICA FIRST.🇺🇸
  8. Well I guess if I had just bought an 18 I would probably defend my decision to do so. Fortunately I waited for the 19, and am glad I did. Could of bought an 18 for 12,000 less but they looked like a 4 year old truck. Same old same old.
  9. Love my new 2019. Loved my 2016. Have had more compliments on my 19 in 3 weeks than in the 3 years I had the 16. The only dislike is the start / stop option. But it really is no big deal.
  10. Any one with the 8 speed not having issues?

    21,000 on my 2016. My 2019 has a 10 speed.
  11. Well at least when you break down on the side of the road in your Ram, you can be comfortable in your nice interior until the rollback arrives.
  12. The article reads as if written by some slob who’s boss drives a ram and told him to search the forums and destroy the Silverado. As most of the negative reviews are from non 2019 Silverado owners, you can take there opinions with a grain of salt. As a owner of a 2019 LTZ, I can say with experience that this is the best Silverado I have owned, and being 66 years old and having owned many that is a fact. Funny, in the 3 weeks I have owned this truck I have had more compliments on it then all my other trucks combined. I am 100% pleased with my truck as I think most if not all of the 2019 GM truck Owners on this forum are. Like the old saying, Don’t knock it till you Try it. 🚛
  13. sold


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