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  1. got my update today. I noticed that the time display would stop when I shut the truck off and sat in it with the radio on. Then when I turned it back on the time would catch up. After the update the time now is correct even when ignition is off.
  2. Looks like the LEE Sisters, UG LEE and FUG LEE.
  3. Not so cool feature. When I have the radio screen on and have the ignition off so I can listen to the music until the rap shuts it off, I noticed that the clock displays the time but it does not keep the time until I push the ignition button. It then advances to the current time.
  4. DILLY DILLY I was driving down the road and a deer ran out in front of my Chevy. .Piece of crap, never happened with my Jeep.
  5. I live in the city and use the Factory Carpeted ones. The weather are great, I just do not need them.
  6. I have some 2019 LTZ-Z71 items that came with my crew cab truck that I removed with under 50 miles. The genuine gm accessories under rear seat storage bin with the lids. $125, and the 4 TRAILER TPMS sensors. $150 for the set. These came with my 2019 LTZ and I do not have a trailer. All items are in new condition. email at [email protected] or text 412-992-8990. Located in Monroeville/ North Versailles area. MATS HAVE BEEN SOLD....
  7. I keep a rattlesnake in mine, just in case it gets stolen, I know who did it. LOL
  8. These sensors, Trailer ones< are $150 a pair on GM Accessories site. So you need to get them from dealer.. Even if you do not have a trailer, I am sure they will sell on EBAY once more trucks are sold. Alot of guys have more than one trailer.
  9. I got them in my 2019 LTZ / Z-71 and I don"t even have a trailer. LOL
  10. No I ordered them both with my trucks from dealer. But I took the one out of my 2016 and gave it too my brother who has a 2019 and they were the same.
  11. Seems like if you cant see which light is on by looking out the window, then why do you need the light. I can see mine perfectly when it is dark enough to use them?
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