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  1. Dealer here in Pittsburgh area says they can come with either tire. They have had trucks with both. I am hoping mine comes with the dueler.
  2. That’s what it says on my order form. 1 free oil change. And we all know it ain’t Free. 🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷
  3. I actually am waiting for my 2019 to be built. TPW of 10/01/18. I had the duratracs on my spare oem wheels to run this winter, but because they changed the tire size on my 2019, I sold the duratracs and bought the trail runners. My brother has them on his 2015 and said they are the best tire he has had. 🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲
  4. You are correct. My post was that I had new Goodyear duratracs for winter that were for my 2016. But since I ordered a 2019 and they changed the tire size I now sold the duratracs and bought trail runners . Was just showing the size difference as I am sure the overall diameter would throw off my speedometer and odometer.
  5. This is a photo of my 275 55 r 20 Goodyear eagles with 200 miles and the Goodyear trail runners that I have bought for my 2019 that comes with 275 60r 20.The tire is much taller than the tires on my 2016. Better than an inch.
  6. Disappointed with 2019

    Not talking about steering wheel hitting, Airbag. 🐏🐏🐏🐏🐏🐏. lol
  7. Disappointed with 2019

    I don’t know, all I can picture is that ugly ram on the steering wheel air bag leaving that imprinted in my forehead. ☠️
  8. Help with order

    Ordered LTZ Z-71 on 8-20 , today at 3300. TPW 10-01-18
  9. 2019 6.2L badge

    I was told the number is 84192174, but have NOT verified it.
  10. Be leary of the GM accessories catalog. The part numbers for the 2019 silverado mud flaps are not correct to the photo. Two types of flaps pictured, part numbers are switched. Also the interior console storage organizers are also incorrect numbers for the photos. They also are switched. I ordered and had to return the flaps and storage organizer for the right ones.
  11. Still for sale. Price reduced to $100
  12. So when is the Game going to start? So we can get all these Ram cheerleaders on the field. Dilly Dilly
  13. Key fits spare tire lock on rear bumper

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