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  1. Received mine today. They are super nice. Hope to install them tomorrow.
  2. Not the centennial ones. Maybe aftermarket.
  3. Just to let you guys know, GM has released the centennial bowtie kit. Mine is on its way. #84459956 GM accessories.
  4. I am one of the customers that have these on order. I was told today that they are in house and ready to ship. Brian, the parts guy above was super helpful in getting these emblems. Thanks Brian. https://www.gmpartsnow.com/oem-parts/gm-emblem-pkg-84459956
  5. Well, has anyone found these bowties or know when or if they will be released?
  6. FYI, front bowtie # 84149654 changed to 84419133. rear is the same 84149654. Both on national back order.
  7. So where did you order these from? Anyone else been able to order these?
  8. Duh, "another new gm bolt"
  9. Yea, I did the same and the parts guy said this is really strange. He said they have had hundreds of inquiries for them.
  10. Has anyone seen these bow ties for sale yet?
  11. Might have a worn rocker arm at the base where the ball rubs.?
  12. Wow that may be right about the Colorado, but I gave them a vin from a 2018 Silverado centennial? I don’t know if they are the same.
  13. Hey, I do not know if this has been posted yet, but I am told that the Centennial Bowtie Emblem Package is # 84459956. I have contacted to dealer online sights and both list the item. I sent an email to both to see if they were avaliable, and one said "not yet" and the other said "not released yet".

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