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TPMS Dash Light Will not turn off?


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Anyone have an idea of what might be going on here? I rotated my tires a few days ago and performed the relearn process let air out method. I've done this a half dozen times in the past with no problems.


The system recognized the new locations of the tires but when I started it, the small TPMS amber light is always lit on the dash. It does not blink, just stays on steady. There is also NO display on the DIC readout.


I've reset the system. Pulled N on battery for 10 mins.


Performed the TPMS relearn process a 3-4 additional times.


Air'd up all tires to max and then to low so DIC readout would indicate a low tire warning.


Verified the TPMS air pressure is close, ie within 3-4psi of an accurate tire gauge.


I would think a TPMS fault would be accompanied by a DIC display? Everything i've read says the light will blink for 60 secs and a error display will show.



Thanks for any ideas!!!

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I thought I read someplace if the sensor battery is going bad this will happen?


Probably need some type of scan tool to determine which one. If it is that may want to change them all out if they are getting old.


Isn't the life ~ 5 - 10yrs?


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From the manual;

TPMS Malfunction Light and Message

The TPMS will not function properly if one or more of the TPMS sensors are missing or inoperable. When the system detects a malfunction, the low tire warning light flashes for about one minute and then stays on for the remainder of the ignition cycle. A DIC warning message is also displayed. The low tire warning light and DIC warning message come on at each ignition cycle until the problem is corrected.


Some of the conditions that can cause the malfunction light and DIC message to come on are:

1. One of the road tires has been replaced with the spare tire.

The spare tire does not have a TPMS sensor. The TPMS malfunction light and DIC message should go off once you re‐install the road tire containing the TPMS sensor.


2. The TPMS sensor matching process was started but not completed or not completed successfully after rotating the vehicle's tires. The DIC message and TPMS malfunction light should go off once the TPMS sensor matching process is performed successfully.

See “TPMS Sensor Matching Process” later in this section.


3. One or more TPMS sensors are missing or damaged.

The DIC message and the TPMS malfunction light should go off when the TPMS sensors are installed and the sensor matching process is performed successfully. See your dealer for service.


4.Replacement tires or wheels do not match your vehicle's original equipment tires or wheels. Tires and wheels other than those recommended for your vehicle could prevent the TPMS from functioning properly. See Buying New Tires on page 10‑75.


5. Operating electronic devices or being near facilities using radio wave frequencies similar to the TPMS could cause the TPMS sensors to malfunction. If the TPMS is not functioning it cannot detect or signal a low tire condition. See your dealer for service if the TPMS malfunction light and DIC message comes on and stays on.

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Like Nuke posted above, all the owners manual states are TPMS Icon flashes for 60 secs then on steady accompanied by DIC message.

It states nothing about just a steady light and no DIC message. If the batteries are low, I would think they would last longer than 3.9 years.

The sensors and transmitter function ok. If I drop any tire below 35psi, it gives me a low tire warning for that location. I just can't get the damn light to clear from the dash. Ohhh well. I can live with it till I get new tires or am close to the dealer..


Thanks guys for the help.

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I'm on my phone so I can't see what kind of trick you have but 45 psi in a 1500 is way too much and over inflation might trip the light too. Take that down to 35 like the door sticker probably says.



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Bump. I have this same problem with my 2008 Sierra 1500. The light is on, no DIC message, Onstar email correctly reports proper inflation in all 4 tires, I verified my spare is properly inflated, and also Onstar said they could pull no error code for it (asked because I coincidentally now also have a B0083 air bag code... no idea).


I've done the relearn process and also tried disconnecting the battery for 10 mins. Maybe it is saying the sensor battery is low but still operating? Not that I know where or how to replace it.

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2008 GMC Sierra Texas Edition. The other day my TPMS came on and it wasnt reading the RF tire. When I restarted the truck everything was working but came back on after driving about 30 minutes. I took it to a local tire shop and the reprogrammed/relearned the tire censors and it seemed to fix the problem. A day later TPMS came back on but now the LF tire isnt reading. It works fine when i start the truck up but again everyday like clock work the TPMS comes back on. Does anyone have an idea what this is? Ive read a few things some say the RCDLR needs to be reprogrammed with updated software.

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Folks- These little batteries in the sensors, and the sensors themselves will last at best 3 years in most cases. Many times, the sensors are broken when tires are replaced, not really a way around that, which is why it's a good rule of thumb to have the sensors replaced/rebuilt every time you get new tires.

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In addition, I am not 100% certain in the case of the GM Trucks and cars, but I know for certain that in many of the Asian vehicles, there is a TPSM in the spare tire and that is often the cause for the light coming on.

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If you have any aftermarket electronics, tuners, gauges attached to the obdii port, cell phone chargers, cigar lighter to USB adapters, mp3 players, etc try disconnecting them to determine if they are interfering with the TPMS signals.

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