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The progression of my truck

Texas Outlaw

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So, when I got my (first) truck shortly after my 16th birthday, it looked like this...



First thing I did was take off the front airdam...



Then, I decided I wanted to soup it up a bit and add some chrome. After installing side-body molding, door handles, and mirror covers, this is what it looked like...




It was certainly better than before, however something obvious was missing... Wheels. My stock 17" rims with 245/50/17 tires looked terrible with the chrome, not to mention they didn't fill up hardly any of the wheel well. Well, after getting a nail in the sidewall of one of my tires, I had the perfect excuse to drop some cash on a new set of wheels. I ended up getting a great deal on some GM factory CK988 20" chrome rims with 275/55/20 Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza tires, and I put them on last night. Here's how she looks now:




I'm really pleased with these. I still think something's missing though. I think because I have an extended cab (no back door handles) that the back looks like it could use something. What do y'all think? I'm thinking about getting a low-profile chrome toolbox, how do y'all think that would look? I'm open to more suggestions too, so let me know what you think I should do next (steps, vent visors, grille guard, etc?).


Thanks for looking.

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You can add the tool box if you have a need for one, but other than that, I would call it good. Keep adding and you will be taking away from the truck. You know the old saying "Too much of a good thing can be bad".


Truck looks really great as it is now.

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I think it looks good as is. That amount of chrome is very tasteful and really looks good. Anything more would make it look overdonne and tacky.



what he said. i think ya got a nice lookin truck as is. only other things i would consider is a leveling kit and tint. no more chrome

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