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07 Sierra, New Tail Light Lenses

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so.... ordered new tail light lenses from rock-auto. Both of mine get water logged pretty bad now.


Ordered the more expensive CAPA certified ones ---- OEM fit guaranteed, etc., etc..


They get here, fit up great to the truck, but, the bulb fixtures do not fit into the holes on the lens assy well at all. so loose that a good bump would send them all flying. THEY would twist in, but not really "click" into place at all. Hell, the old lens cover get a fit tight enough that you had to fuss to get it to lock into place.


I looked---- even if I had the new wiring harnesses with the new tail light assemblies, with the harness plug on one side, and the bulbs sticking out on the other, I saw no way to route the new harness to/through the body and frame behind the hitch without cutting the harness and re-splicing......it's a big rectangualr plug on one end, and an octopus of bulbs on the other --- and many smaaaaall nooks and crannies to get through.


Little dissappointed.


Returned them to Rock. Dealer wants $190 each. Rock charged $87 each.


Any ideas, or alternate sources for the part ???? Willing to try again.....


BTW, Rock Auto was a class act throughout. They verified that I ordered the right parts, and all. Too bad, just couldn't make them work. They accepted them back with a full refund, no questions asked.


I would have tried an alternate, identical part, but that was the only style they stocked.



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I'm not a big fan of the LED look... I may call my dealer and get a GM part number, and then try to find a better price from a dealer that does a lot of on-line sales.


Maybe I can get a better price than a 150% mark-up MSRP price from my dealer. I mean, I KNOW they need to make money and deserve to, but sheesh, 150% mark-up. i.e. $192 EACH? Little too much for me for a tail light lens.

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Check salvage yards. Never heard of anyone else complaining of moisture issues.


I get moisture in my driver's side. As soon as it builds up again I will take it in for a replacement. Was that way all last winter, then dried up over the summer and hasn't filled up yet, but it will.

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