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plug wires

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When you install the new plugs and wires, put some dielectric grease on the inside of the plug that goes over the spark plug. Makes for easy removal of the wires later on down the road.



I just changed mine and it came with grease on them, check the wires before buying grease, unless you already have it.


To answer the question of getting them off without damaging them, I usually just pull and hope I don't break them. Unless they are really bad, I have never had one crumble in my hand.

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With these 100,000 mile plugs I just assume at lest one wire will break upon removal even with the special tool. When you replace the plugs buy a set of wires too. If they all come off easy then you can return the wires for a refund. Or just swap the old for the new regardless.


Good luck

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