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Transfer Case, Dexron III or Auto-Trak II?

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Hi, Not sure if this has been covered already. I looked for it but didn't see it. I apologize for being redundant, if it has.


I have a 2003 Yukon with a Borg Warner 44-82 transfer case (NR4). Searching high and low, I cannot figure out if this needs Dexron III or Auto-Trak II. To further confuse matters, there is a TSB recommending converting some of the transfer cases from Dex III to Auto-Trak II to eliminate noise or shuddering while in low speed turn, which I have. However, it doesn't look like the 2003 Yukon is covered in this TSB. I had originally ordered the Yukon with Stabilitrak that automatically came with AWD, which was not common for that year. So, I am confused. Any suggestions? Is it just safer to go with Auto-Trak II?


Thanks for your help!

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Your Owner's Manual shows:


Transfer Case (All Wheel Drive W/Stabilitrack) Dex -III


Automatic Transfer Case: Autotrack II


You can call the dealer with your VIN, they can tell


I know for sure once you pull the plug you'll know what's called for

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Great, thanks guys! No auto selection, just three buttons w/ a 4 low at the bottom. So, it sounds like I have AWD (or full time 4WD?) w a 2 speed transfer case, which is Dex III, vs. a 4WD Automatic Transfer Case. Thank you again!

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The Borg Warner (BW) model 4482 NR4 transfer case is a two-speed, full time 4WD, transfer case. The transfer case requires DEXRON®III ATF Fluid.


Caution GM warns: DO NOT use GM Dexron VI in any manual transmissions or transfer cases that specify Dexron III, as a failure may result.

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Thank you for the confirmation, elcamino, as well as for the caution re Dexron VI. There's a lot of confusion out there re its backward compatibility.

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