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GMC Starting Problem

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Have a 2003 GMC Sierra Denali. Recent problem has developed where the engine turns over, fails to start right away yet continues to crank. Not sure if the problem could be faulty spark plugs (never changed) or sticking ignition switch or some other non-obvious cause. Problem is intermittent but usually exhibits with the first attempt to start after setting overnight or after standing for several hours. FYI, the engine is gas, Vortec 6000.


Any suggestions?

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Bet it is the fuel pump.


Check fuel pressure regulator at the vacuum line for the presence of fuel. If found replace the FPR


Check fuel pressure reading. Key on, engine off. Spec. is in the range of 55-62 pounds. After turning key off watch pressure gauge. Pressure should stabilize and not drop over 5 psi in 1 minute.


Another simple test..... turn key, on pump primes. Turn key off. Then key on and start.


Report back results of the above

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