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Bluetooth Audio Problem

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So, I got my new truck today.... and well, I can't stream audio from my phone for more than one song, without having to disconnect / reconnect my phone, or hit the voice prompt button the wheel, followed by the hang up button.


It shows the song playing on the screen.... but no audio.


Super. Annoying.


Anyone else having this issue?


Here's the kicker, the truck I demo'd a few weeks ago, this worked perfectly!!!




(paranoid new GM owner)

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Hi there ctrlguy,


Sorry to hear you're experiencing this with your new truck! Has you dealer been able to resolve this concern yet? If you would like to us check into anything for you reach out to us via PM. Please provide your name, contact information, VIN, current mileage, and involved dealership.



Jonathan A. (Assisting Jennifer)

GM Customer Care

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