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Gas at "Quick N Ez" stations


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I stopped buying at them years ago because every time I filled up I got noticeably less gas mileage. Figured it was the station, maybe had water in tank or something.


Fast forward to our latest patch of snow. Ran low on gas for the generator and snow blower. Commuter car (different than car from above) was low too. Went to my regular station (not a "Quick N Ez" but a name brand that escapes me right now) and all they had was diesel. Next station down the road was a Quick N Ez. Yuck. Started to drive (slither? @ 4" and no plows at that point) on by but decided what the heck.


Filled the car and 2 gas cans.


Immediately started smelling a skunk, looked around, none in sight. Picked up the cans, sure enough it is the gas! Drove home. Car exhaust smells nasty, this car has not made much smell since I bought it, 80,000 miles ago. Put cans in shed, shed immediately started smelling of skunk.


Snow blower smells nasty when ran now. Car smells. Car and snow blower are just slightly harder to start. Color of the gas looks ok, if that means anything. I put Sea Foam in it like always.


My questions are: What the heck is wrong, if anything, with this gas? Think it is hurting anything? Any regular users of "Quick N Ez" run into issues?

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Try to use name brand, high traffic area. Keep above half way, keeps in tank fuel pump happy. It the additive package that makes the difference.



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well, from my experience in working at my Local Kroger Fuel Center gave me an insight of the Fuel Quality (at least at our store). our Store usually got fuel from either BP or Conoco Phillips. (i know this because I had to sign for the truck a couple of times while I was working there.)

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