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raising front end?

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That should do the trick. When I started plowing with my 2006 2500, the plow bracket would hit anytime I hit a bump, etc. a buddy that does my mechanic work cranked the torsion bars up so the truck sat level and that solved the problem. Basically we leveled the truck without the plow and it was enough to keep the plow, etc. from dragging. You will need an alignment when it's done.



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haven't got it yet but looking at 8 or 8.5 western pro plus.

Western can be leveled 3 different ways so you can have a lot of adjustment with the front end.


Get shock extenders, crank the torsion bars to get 2in. of lift, get a alignment.


Let us know if you don't like the ride afterwards, you will have to throw more parts on it or lower it down some.

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